Frequently asked questions

How does this purchase work?

When you purchase solar from EPB’s community solar project, SolarShare, we’ll immediately email you a certificate that's yours to keep. You are buying a portion of a renewable energy credit, which is 1 Megawatt hour of 100% solar power. Your purchase helps protect the planet by supporting renewables.

How do I know that my stay was really solar powered?

EPB’s community solar project is located at the corner of McCallie Avenue and
Holtzclaw Avenue in the Highland Park area of Chattanooga, right across from the
Chattanooga Zoo. We invite you to take a look, and see the 1.3-Megawatt solar
project for yourself!

The monthly solar energy generated by EPB Solar Share is accounted for
by a third party, the North American Renewables Registry.

What is an Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

Credits allow customers the option of choosing solar power in almost any situation. Renewable Energy Credits are accounted for by third party registries, such as the North American Renewables Registry. Companies and organizations often use RECs to add renewable generation to their mix of energy sources, improving their environmental impact when building renewable generation isn't feasible. Individuals can choose credits to reduce the impact of everyday activities that require electricity while supporting the addition of clean energy on the grid—no rooftop required. For more information on RECs, please visit the US EPA's website: https://www.epa.gov/greenpower/renewable-energy-certificates-